Introduction To The Instructions For Use Of Fiber Optic Splice Closure

In the communications profession, we sometimes need to use the Fiber Optic Splice Closure , then the construction personnel must understand how to use the Fiber Optic Splice Closure, this is very important, the following is its instructions.

1. If it is a normal optical cable, it will directly enter the connector box through the inlet hole. If it is a micro cable, it is the micro tube entering the connector box and fixed. The micro cable enters the connector box from the micro tube and fixes the reinforcing core. If it is a base tube Cable, need to fix the reinforcing yarn.

2. Open and strip the optical cable, remove the outer sheath, inner sheath and loose tube, clean and remove the petroleum filling paste in the cable, and leave the fiber length of 1.1–1.6m and the reinforcing core of 30–50mm.

3, fix the pressure cable card, fix the micro tube or the cable, the micro tube long pressure cable card 5-10mm, together fix the cable reinforcement core, if it is the base tube cable, you need to fix the reinforcement yarn.

4. Introduce the optical fiber into the welding plate, place the heat-shrinkable tube and the hot-melt tube on any one of the treated fibers, and after welding the fiber, move the heat shrinkable and hot-melt tube, and put on the stainless steel (or quartz) reinforcing core rod. So that the fiber fusion point is in the center of the fiber maintenance tube, properly heat the maintenance tube, fuse the fiber and the maintenance tube, and the maintained fiber connector is inserted into the fiber channel (each plate can be coated with fiber 12) core).

5. The remaining fiber is evenly laid in the fiber fusion splice tray, and the surrounding fiber is aligned with the nylon cable tie. The use of the splice tray is usually from bottom to top. After all the optical fibers are connected, the cover plate is covered on the uppermost layer of the splice tray and fixed. Use the ground wire as required.

6. Select the cable ring (O-ring) with the outer diameter of the micro tube or cable to penetrate the cable and adjust it to the corresponding cable at the inlet of the connector housing. The micro tube or cable in the center of the two cables is entangled. Sealing tape, together with the unused joint box into the cable mouth with a plug (the outer concave part of the plug is wrapped with sealing tape), and then put a sealing strip on the sealing groove at the two ends of the joint box shell, together in two The concave end of the cable connector housing is filled with a sealant, and the two joint box hangers are aligned with the left and right screw holes, and the outer casing is closed and the stainless steel bolts are tightened. The force applied to the bolt should be symmetrical and uniform until it is fully tightened.

7. Add a water blocking joint at the outer part of the joint box 3-5cm, and the knob of the water blocking joint is away from the joint box.

8. According to the laying request, fix the hanger and lay it by yourself.

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