The Method Of Determining The Number Of Cable Cores Introduced

The number of glass fibers contained in each cable is the number of cores. The following Green Telecom will introduce you to the method of determining the number of cores.Green Telecom offers the most comprehensive selection of fiber distribution box, Fiber Optic Splice Closure , DOME Fiber Closure , fiber optic termination box products to customers in different industries.

According to the IBDN standard, it is generally recommended that each communication room has 12 cores and the building has 24 cores.
First know the number of routing points in the layer, calculate the number of switches, whether the connections between the switches are stacked or not.
If the core switch is dual-system hot standby redundancy, the 6-core is sufficient (2 cores each use 2 cores and 2 cores redundant).
If you do not stack a switch to 4 cores, how many switches multiply by 4 plus 4 core redundancy, you can.

Experience: Each floor wiring closet (horizontal wiring cabinet), set up a fiber.
Generally six cores: two cores, two cores, two cores; eight cores.

Redundancy: As long as it is more than used, the extra is called redundancy;
Master and standby: one used, the other one is the same as the standby;
Hot backup: both in working state
Cold backup: The backup device is in standby state

The minimum configuration of the specification is 2 cores per 48 points. Of course, 48 points can be selected as 4 cores, because the 2 cores are the smallest unit of the optical cable, and it is more appropriate to reserve 2 cores as the backup.

The above is the introduction of the method for determining the number of optical cores. You can find out. Backups can be selected for people, so the number of fiber cores that come out is quite different. According to the specification, only one minimum selection and one backup core number can be guaranteed.

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