Detailed Analysis Of DOME Fiber Closure

Green Telecom’s products are mainly related to communication. The main products are DOME Fiber Closure , Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Inline Closure, Fiber Closure and the like.

The whole set of plastic parts is made of scientifically formulated high-strength PC engineering plastics, which can be used for a long time in the natural environment of -40 ° C ~ +65 ° C.
Size: vertical (height × bottom diameter) 415 * 190mm
The cable access holes are: 2 holes, 4 holes, 6 holes, 8 holes, 12 holes.
Installable cable diameter: Φ5mm~Φ20mm
Capacity: minimum capacity 4 core maximum capacity 144 core
Standard accessories: splice tray, cable fixture, seals, wall fixtures.
Optional accessories: heat shrinkable tube, nylon cable tie, insulating tape, special wrench, etc.
Installation method: wall-mounted and pole-mounted.
Siamese seals: High-quality imported elastomer rubber sealing material is used, and the mold is molded once, so that the joint surface of the product is seamless, the sealing performance is guaranteed, and the repeated opening, repeated use and convenient construction can be achieved.
End blocking piece: used to block the excess hole of the cable connecting box, maintain good air tightness and water tightness inside the box, and effectively protect the fiber and connector in the box. The device is not easy to fall off, detachable and easy to install.
Grounding lead-out device: The metal component in the cable in the box is led out to ground for protection.
Cable fixing device: used for fixing the optical cable to the base and fixing the optical cable reinforcing component. The first is the fixing of the cable reinforcement core inside; the second is the fixing of the cable and the support frame; the third is that the cable and the connector box are sealed and fixed by the heat shrinkable jacket.
Splice tray: used for welding, branching and disc storage of optical fibers; discs can be stacked, flexible in configuration and easy to install.
Scope of use: 1 Widely used in communication, network systems, CATV cable TV, optical cable network systems, etc. Straight-through and branch connections for overhead, pipeline, direct burial, etc., can be buried, overhead, pipelines, human wells Hanging wall use; 2 connection in the terminal room of the structural cable.
★ Remarks: The fiber optic cable connection box is generally suitable for indoor or non-open outdoor use. It is not suitable for outdoor use. If it is used, protective measures should be taken. The above dimensions are regular sizes, and unconventional sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.
Cap Cable Connection Box – Product Categories
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Insulation Adjustment Strategy of Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fiber optic splice boxes, also known as Fiber Optic Splice Closure and lens barrels, are suitable for straight-through and branch connections for overhead, pipe, direct burial and other laying methods for various structural cables. In optical communication networks, due to the limited length of the cable and the need for the cable to branch on the transmission line, the fiber optic cable connector is created, and the fiber connector closure provides conditions for connection and branching. Cable and protect the connector.

At present, the application of the optical fiber connector box is very extensive, but the insulation problem of the fiber connector box has always been a major problem, and the dielectric properties and plasticity of the material itself have been combined to make a suitable choice. Therefore, the structure and material of the insulation as well as the surface condition also have a great influence on the withstand voltage strength performance of the fiber splice case.

If you want to improve the pressure resistance of the fiber splice box, you must use a better insulating material, such as Teflon, to increase the surface finish and reduce the curvature between the insulator and the rod and rod and between the rod and the ground. . Insulating gaskets commonly used in fiber optic splice closures typically consist of two upper and lower spacers. The upper washer is a recessed washer and the lower washer is a male washer. Since the fixing bolts are connected to the reinforcing core of the communication cable, the upper and lower insulating spacers are combined to form an insulation between the metal member of the optical fiber joint box and the cable reinforcing core (ie, the fixing bolt). In the compressive strength test, a DC voltage of 15 kV is applied between the fixing bolt and the metal member. Most materials used for insulating gaskets are high molecular polymers. The main feature of this method is to improve the combination of the upper and lower washers.
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Describes The Details Of The Functions And Features Of The Inline Closure

Green Telecom specializes in the production of Inline Closure and will bring you this information so that everyone can learn more.
Function and characteristics
1. The fiber optic cable connection box can be used for both the main trunk cable and the divergent cable to be spliced, and some of the trunk cables are spliced ​​to the pigtail or tail cable, and connected to the optical switching device through the fiber jumper. The welding unit, the wiring unit, the part of the material of the network box casing, the optical cable of the cable connection box to the network box, and the entire operation process can be omitted.
2. The fiber fusion splicing unit increases or decreases the fiber storage tray to save time and time. The flip angle of the fiber condensing tray reaches 90°C or above, which is convenient for future expansion and maintenance.
3. The fiber optic distribution unit can be installed with fixed modules of FC, SC, ST, and LC adapters. It is very convenient to install and can be configured according to user needs. The dimensions and mounting holes of each module are the same.
4. Innovative structural design, easy and reliable installation, the whole set of plastic parts adopts scientifically formulated high-strength PC engineering plastics, and the injection molding can be used for a long time in the natural environment of -40 °C ~ +65 °C.
5. Patented product – the elastomeric sealing member can be repeatedly opened and reused repeatedly to maintain good sealing performance.
6. Multi-function optical cable connection box, which can be installed by hanging wall or pole. Realizing FTTH access for fiber network construction reduces costs and improves communication quality.
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Green Telecom Introduced Fiber Optic Splice Closure

The cable connector box is a popular name. The scientific name is called the Fiber Optic Splice Closure, which is also called the optical cable connection package, the optical cable connector package and the barrel. It is a mechanical pressure sealing joint system, which is a continuous protection device that provides optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables. It is mainly used for straight-through and branch connection of overhead, pipeline, direct burial and other laying methods applicable to various structural optical cables.
The box body is made of imported reinforced plastic, high strength and corrosion resistance. The terminal box is suitable for connection in the terminal room of the structural fiber optic cable. The structure is mature, the seal is reliable, and the construction is convenient. Widely used in communications, network systems, CATV cable TV, fiber optic cable network systems, and more. The right side is a two-in and two-out connector box;
It is used for protective connection and fiber distribution between two or more optical cables. It is one of the commonly used devices for user access points. It mainly completes the connection between the distribution cable and the incoming cable, and can be connected according to FTTX. Need to install a box or simple optical splitter.

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Fiber Helps To Close The Fiber Optic Connectors Work

Simply put, the fiber optic splice closure connects a cable to the different lengths of the same type of cable. This is sometimes called online blocking or tracking joints. The additional function is provided by a branch (or branch) connector that divides the cable into two ongoing sections – the main cable and the side or branch. There is also the end of the route closure, where the cable is broken down into separate components for the customer or telephone connection.

Before installing the fiber optic splice closure, you must know some precautions. First you have to know your stitching closed application. Is it installed in the air, or is it buried? Know your stitching count and stitching type – how many fiber connectors need to be closed? Are they a splice, a mechanical joint, or a combination of both? You can use additional sealed ports to purchase some of the closures that can be opened to accommodate new fibers that may be added in the future.

Make sure that the cover and the application match the correct type of splice tray. For example, if you are using ribbon fiber, make sure that the closure can accommodate the design of the ribbon tray. Many newer covers can be sealed without the need for sealed tape or C-type cement. This makes it easy to seal the closure and re-enter the work that requires future work.

Multiple Seals are made of a diastolic material using a compression washer that provides a tight seal when the two halves of the seal are connected together. I recommend using a cruciform star pattern when tightening the bolts to ensure that the pressure is applied evenly to the compression seal. Cable entry and exit around the grommets can be ordered with various apertures to accommodate different cable diameters.

Some of the fiber optic splice closures have an accessory that allows the installer to fill the sealed seal with compressed air to determine if there is a leak. Seams can be used for soap solutions, and if air leaks, bubbles are displayed.

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